Duality Docs Developer manual for the Duality game engine
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Common Pitfalls

Typical errors that can be easily avoided.

Coding Back ↑

Not checking InitContext in OnInit Back ↑

The ICmpInitializable interface defines an OnInit method, which you can override to equip your Component with custom initialization behavior. However, many users forget to check for the context parameter that is provided! OnInit being called tells you nothing about what kind of initialization is happening: Is the Component being activated? Loaded? Has it just been added to its GameObject for the first time? If you’re doing something regardless of context, you will react to all of these contexts, which is almost certainly not what you wanted. In most cases reacting to InitContext.Activate is what’s actually needed.

Workflow Back ↑

Ignoring Logged Errors Back ↑

Duality has a logging system that knows three basic types of logs: Infos, Warnings and Errors. While developing and testing games with Duality, you should always keep an eye on the Log View in the editor, or the console window in your test runs.

  • Info messages can safely be ignored, they’re usually just providing context and tell you what happens.
  • Warning messages are a reason for concern, but some of them are fine. They want you to look at them an investigate.
  • Error messages in the log are never a good sign. Something is seriously wrong, and you should investigate immediately before continuing to work on your game. Even if the editor is able to recover from certain errors, others may lead to data loss or unexpected / erratic behavior when ignored. (Hint: If you lost something, take a look at the Backups folder!)